Stefan Vincent Interview

Read on for some insights from Stefan Vincent in this exclusive interview.

1) Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Definitely a night owl, never been a morning person. When I started working office jobs I simply fell asleep behind my desk for several years and jobs in the morning, as I felt inspiration mostly came around bedtime. Now I kinda switched to making music mostly in the afternoon though.

2) What is your home city and what makes it special?
I’m originally from Groningen, a city in the north of Holland, but Amsterdam has been my home for exactly 10 years now. There’s a lot that makes Amsterdam special, but one of the things I specifically like is that it’s a city that has pretty much everything I’m looking for in a city but I still run into people I know when I’m walking through it. An American friend of mine who used to live here always refers to Amsterdam as ‘the biggest village in the world’ and she has a point. That being said, I’m quite happy to have moved to one of the less busy places outside of the center, after having lived for 7 years right next to the center.

3) The term DJ’s DJ gets thrown around a lot these days, who is your DJ’s DJ?
I have a lot of favourite dj’s and if you ask me the same question again next week I’ll probably give a different answer, but Karl Meier and Patrick Russel to me are definitely two typical “DJ’s DJ’s” who keep surprising and amazing me with both skills and selection. Also DVS1, whenever I see or hear him play I feel I might as well give up as there’s no way I’ll ever in this life get to that level.

4) What first comes to mind when you think of electronic music in Australia?
First thing that pops up in my mind is Rainbow Serpent festival, couple friends played there a couple of times. And a sign at the festival somebody posted online, warning not to wonder off in any case one of the multitude of deadly animals will definitely kill you in the Australian desert. I also heard some great stories of friends who toured through the east coast, and I’m very eager to find out myself.

5) What has been the stand out track that you’ve playing this month?
Current standout track is Dold – EVA. a simple amen break over a 4/4 beat with some beautiful pads on top. The type of track you can hear and think ‘why didn’t I think of that’ – right in the feels.