Nightime Drama Interview

Read on for some insights from Nightime Drama in this exclusive interview.

1) Are you guys early birds or a night owls?
During the week we would have to say definitely early birds. However, Saturday nights are usually a little sideways thanks to our favourite bar in town, Ancient World.

2) Both being from Adelaide, what makes your city special?
We find ourselves lucky to live in a city that has a strong music scene, plenty of great food and produce, amazing wine and is very affordable. What more could you want!

3) The term DJ’s DJ gets thrown around a lot these days, who is your DJ’s DJ?
HMC is definitely up there. He’s been very influential for both of us since the beginning. We also tune in closely to local Adelaide selectors Phil Rogers (Cuckoo Music) and Hans Kempster who owns the Transition record store.

4) What do you love most about running a label?
Peter – For me mostly I’d have to say it’s been very satisfying to be releasing music for friends as well as artists I like and respect. It gives you a great feeling of accomplishment in getting the music out there into the bloodstream and to be amongst it all. Especially being responsible for putting out the early works for Trinity. It’s been great to see her success build from that. I guess that’s probably the best example I can give you.

Shaun – We’ve been pretty fortunate to pick up the artists we have, working with a solid group of people and having the opportunity to discover some great new music before it’s released. It was an awesome feeling seeing the very first pressing and the positive response that followed. For me it’s been a fulfilling experience.

5) What has been the standout track that you’ve been playing this month?
Peter – Waage “W1”, Thule. This track sounds great on a loud system.

Shaun – DJ Spider “Satsang”, Green Village. This track has such a cool moody vibe.