Deep’a & Biri Interview

Read on for some insights from Deep’a & Biri in this exclusive interview.

1) What is your home city and what makes it special?
Tel Aviv is normally very different from what you hear on the daily news, there is a mix of really amazing food, a lot of sun and very interesting art scene, nightlife and clubs are also strong but in the last few years, it’s really booming with interesting local artists and many different parties every weekend.

2) The term DJ’s DJ gets thrown around a lot these days, who is your DJ’s DJ?
Easy to answer this one – Derrick May – definitely the best DJ we got to hear, we been huge fans since a young age but the in the last few years we been travelling together and got the privilege to see how he plays completely different each night and just naturally transforming the vibe he gets from the room into amazing music output.

3) What first comes to mind when you think of electronic music in Australia?
Carmelo Bianchetti is the first name that comes to our mind when we think about electronic music in Australia. He did and still does some amazing and timeless music under different aliases (DJ HMC, Late Nite Tuff Guy). We are still playing some of his classics.

4) What has been the stand out track that you’ve playing this month?
We are currently playing a lot “Tin Man – Surfing Acid”. It creates tension and drama on the dance floor and always sounds incredible. We are big fans of him.

5) Tell us all about your next up-coming release
We have an EP coming on Balans Records runs by our friend Darko Esser with a remix from Yotam Avni another great producer coming out from Tel Aviv lately and few more goods coming on our label Black Crow Records later this year.