Brian James Interview

Read on for some insights from Brian James in this exclusive interview.

1) Are you an early bird or a night owl?
During the week yes I am, however I like dark sounds so that makes night an ideal environment for me. The mystic of a night at a club with music that can inspire the inner feelings is something that i look for.

2) What is your home city and what makes it special?
I live in Malta and our history is very rich due to the fact that it has been conquered by different civilisations. We also have really good cuisine, lot of restaurants to go to with different concepts. Sun shines most of the year with many beaches to choose from.

3) The term DJ’s DJ gets thrown around a lot these days, who is your DJ’s DJ?
XDB, Owen Jay, Donato Dozzy, Neel Rome just to mention a few.

4) What first comes to mind when you think of electronic music in Australia?
I don’t know much since I haven’t been at that side of the planet yet, however I hear very good things about it. I had the pleasure to meet Trinity and Dave Stuart with their great music.

5) What has been the stand out track that you’ve playing this month?
CMD Q – B0t – Kann.