Blackhall & Bookless Interview

Read on for some insights from Blackhall & Bookless in this exclusive interview.

1) Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Night owl for sure! I’m not into getting up early but I do enjoy it when I do. We have both began to cherish bed and sleep after touring in Asia which is quite relentless. Also back in London working late is quite normal for us.

2) What is your home city and what makes it special?
We are both Geordies we come from Newcastle in the North East of the UK. Newcastle is a special place and mostly known for its friendly warm people that love having a good time. We both Have lived in London for 9 years but when you head over the Tyne bridge into Newcastle nation it’s a great feeling. Its also known for girls and guys wearing hardly any clothes in – degrees Ha!
Our hometown crowd is great to play to and always really up for it too.

3) The term DJ’s DJ gets thrown around a lot these days, who is your DJ’s DJ?
Bookless – For me its Alex Downey, Alex is a resident at free rotation in the UK which is renowned for its quality. I have seen Alex play in London the guys so natural and he is a devoted collector and amazing DJ, Im sure i’m speaking for a lot of people when I say this.
Blackhall – For me it always has to be Danny Howells. I love and respect a lot the way that he has stuck to his sound over the years. I still listen to his Global Underground 24/7 Miami mix all the time. I booked him to play my 30th Birthday party a few years ago in Newcastle and much of the music he played then was the same as it was when we used to see him play 15 years ago.

4) What first comes to mind when you think of electronic music in Australia?
Tornado Wallace – His album on running back makes me feel like im in the deep outback, I feel he’s captured the a spiritual connection to his motherland in the album so gracefully.

5) What has been the stand out track that you’ve playing this month?
Pariah – Drug the lake (Houndstooth)
Dold – Horizon (Blue Hour)