/Infinite Loops/

Originating from Adelaide, Infinite Loops prefers to remain anonymous – letting the music speak for itself. Both releases ‘Design Principles’ and ‘Dirt EP’ are essential for the techno collector.

/Christian Vance/

Australian electronic musician steeped in the art of live performance.

Vance’s own fusion of House and Techno music is informed and influenced by his classically trained musical background in combination with early experiences of original Mid-West electronic ideals. He has been performing his own music in a live format since the late 90s. That history can be heard in every live show and DJ appearance.

Christian Vance


Trinity is a DJ, Live Act and Producer from Sydney, Australia and also a regular fixture across Germany, where she resides in the European summer. Trinity has performed at Harry Klein in Munich and Berlin’s Studio R, and Tresor.

Trinity’s production duo with John Tzineris, Trinity & Beyond, has released EPs on various different labels including Manual Music and Moodmusic. The pair have also been remixed by Klartraum and XDB. Trinity and Beyond’s debut album, Blinded by 1000 Points of Light, dropped in 2014, showcasing nine tracks recorded live.

Trinity 1_B&W


Hailing from Adelaide, Metamethod has a repertoire that spans back as far as 1995. With his first releases appearing on undefined records under Metamethod and W5H, he quickly set a standard that gave him the reputation of a quality producer which reflected his djing talent.

After a long hiatus spending time refining his sound of pure synthesis, he returns with his release with Nightime Drama. Metamethods unique style and intricacy in his production sets him apart from the rest. Stay tuned for more Metamethod productions to come.



Vibrio aka DJ Peter Finger is a veteran DJ from the Adelaide scene. One of the founders of the Nightime Drama label and has two decades experience moving Australia’s dance floors. A Dj that doesn’t focus on genres just the dance floor. Since ’97 he gained notoriety in Adelaide and Melbourne, and landed residencies in some of the best clubs. Nightime Drama – the musical perception which allows him to curate and navigate to what feels best at the time, never to be pigeon holed.



Shaun Franklin aka Trebek has been involved in Adelaide’s techno and house scene for the past two decades, both as a promoter and music selector, but also as a collaborator with the Adelaide record label Nightime Drama.

Trebek’s audio palette has been sculpted by the mixed spectrum of musical influences originating from Detroit, Berlin and beyond. Today, this translates into sets infused with drive and emotion.

His sound trademark is deep and rhythmic, with a mission to take the listener on a journey of sound exploration.


/Yoshihiro Arikawa/

Yoshihiro Arikawa is a producer based in Tokyo, manipulating modulation effects to craft a dubby techno soundscape across boundaries in music. He once produced a compound of minimal and 90’s ghetto house , releasing a series of critically heralded 12″ on Logistic in France and his own label Kodaira Tracks under his alias d’Kawa between 2003 and 2009.

Having taken a hiatus from his career for a while, he restarted the activities under his real name and has revealed a new aspect of his music on a number of releases from international labels such as AFFIN, Hypnotic Room, Labyrinth, M_Grey, Swap, to date. The subtly produced tracks containing the essence of dub and techno have been played and seen on the playlists of Troy Pierce, Peter Van Hoesen, Paul Mac, Alan Fitzpatrick, Joachim Spieth, Audio Injection, etc.