Nightime Drama was formed by Adelaide duo Peter Fincher and Shaun Franklin in 2012 with a vision to release quality underground sounds from artists locally and across the globe.

The pair have hosted a series of events featuring some of techno’s finest including Steffi, XDB, Patrice Scott, Lowtec and Eli Verveine.

2013 saw the debut EP ‘Design Principles’ from Melbourne artist Infinite Loops. The release received world-wide recognition and has been featured on many DJ charts. Since then, the label has released records from Australian producers Trinity, Christian Vance and Metamethod, while featuring some standout remixes from Eric Cloutier, Steven Tang and Andee.

As DJ’s, both Peter and Shaun are known for their versatility, delivering flavours from Chicago, Detroit, Berlin and beyond.

Recently, the label has been fortunate enough to have Sydney based techno veteran Trinity join the Nightime Drama family. Trinity is a DJ, live performer and a producer who has played in clubs such as Harry Klein (Munich), Berlin’s Studio R and Tresor and has supported such artists as Dasha Rush, tINI, Marcel Dettmann and Basic Soul Unit.

With Trinity’s expertise and creative input, expect some exciting new things to come from Nightime Drama.